The TegCaprese Salad

We’ve always done some kind of tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad. It’s just something we grew up with. It was always something I knew I didn’t have to fight my brother for a lot, but I definitely had to fight my Dad for seconds. We’ve never come to blows, but someday if there is a basil shortage, mozzarella shortage and also a tomato shortage, and we only had one spoonful left, I do think we might have some kind of “war.” More than likely….thumb wars…

Anyway, we have many variations and always feel free to substitute anything. We’ve used all different kinds of mozzarella cheese, some fresh, some herb encrusted, some small little balls of mozzarella or large slices.

This version uses a herb encrusted rope cheese from Costco. Those of you who are huge fans of Costco, we drive 3.5 hours to our closest Costco every once in a while to obtain this beaut. Clearly, we don’t go often, so we savor what we have.

Any kind of tomato you want to use, we used yellow sweet tomatoes.


There are no measurements for this recipe…I’ve never much enjoyed measurements

TegCaprese Salad

Your choice of Mozzarella or other preferred cheese
Your choice of Tomato
Fresh Basil (use as little or as much as you want)
olive oil (optional)
balsamic vinegar (optional)

Chop ingredients as fine or as chunky as you want, mix together in bowl. Cover with your favorite balsamic dressing or create your own with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Close up of the pretties that go into the salad, this is before I dressed with a Balsamic dressing we bought at the store. 

 This is how a real woman eats her burgers. Covered in the TegCaprese salad. Dear lord! Heavenly!

Check out not only the lovely burger but the yummy mixture on top! This is the perfect salad for my honey and I by the way love tomatoes, he hates them. I get all of his tomatoes, while he enjoys his delicious cheeses. Let’s just say if you have a similar situation like that you’ll be able to share and share a like.


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