To the World’s Best Brother…

All I can think about is how blessed I am to have such a great big brother. Not every sibling would do what mine did…nor would they be so nice and generous about things either.

Yes that’s him the only guy in this photo

My brother arrived at Barnes & Noble at 5pm to get tickets to meet Ree Drummond, listen to her speak, and get me her newest cook book signed. I mean seriously brother of the year award right there….

Then because I asked he took some photos…

and then had the brilliant idea, “You know they have her first cook book, do you have it?” Of course I say yes, but he makes a great point of, she’s willing to sign multiples. SCORE! I say snag me one and I’ll gift my unsigned copy out.

Ree Drummond  signing my cookbook!

Then because he’s the bestest big brother ever (yes I talk like I’m all of 12 or so, 27 by the way)…he takes a picture of him with my cookbooks that she just signed and a picture of her signing them. *sighs* I am forever in his debt and have begun plotting how I will repay him for his wonderful kindness.

My brother and Ree

She of course said that I had a very nice brother, since he was so willing to do this for me…I mean come on of course he’s nice or else he wouldn’t have agreed to do this for me…

My brother is da bomb diggity and I loves him!



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