The things that truly make me happy: Part 2: Family

There are constant reminders in my life why my family is so important and special to me. I speak mostly of my immediate family, my Mom, Dad, and Brother. I include my Brother’s wife in this mix as well, as she’s like a sister to me and I do not honestly feel comfortable calling her my sister in law.

Christmas 2010, New York City, New York
Christopher (Big Brother), Amber (Sistah), ME, Sally (Mom), and Chris (Dad)

My family is really great at cheering me up and just really recognizing when I’m having a rough week, and seeing the unspoken and going out of there way to be there for me.

Dad, Amber, Mom, and Christopher
Yes, we love Mizzou

My Dad, Chris, is a huge goof and we spend a vast majority of our time together cutting up. He’s also my sous chef when I take on large cooking projects, however recently I’ve been trying to fly solo, to release him from some temptations. He’s your resident bird man, more on that later…

I make this face when I wait on the Subway….
I smile huge when I realize my Daughter’s taking my picture

My Mom, Sally, is like the rock. She’s your typical grew up on the farm and did everything you can think of on a farm with animals and planting crops and then some. She’s now our prototypical animal “lover,” we use lover loosely obviously. The most amusing thing is she’s allergic to birds, dogs and cats and we have all three. All animals love her, but she doesn’t love them (but she does). Case in point, She left for three days to visit her Mom and little sister, and Francie missed her terribly. My Mom came home on a Wednesday and Friday Francie had finally started treating her normally again…kind of.

My brother, Christopher, is mister calm and collected. He reminds me of my Dad in so many ways it’s not even funny. Sometimes when we talk I feel like I’m talking to my Dad. They even laugh the same! It’s hilarious, and their laughter is infectious, you can’t help but laugh with them. My brother recently surprised me with his awesome brother skills, by agreeing to go March 13th and get me The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook, signed. He lives in NYC with his wife, their dog and two cats…so it hopefully won’t backfire on us. Did I mention that he’s the bestest brother ever?!! Seriously…I don’t think I can find a complaint about him, because he’s just that cool…

Finally, my sister, Amber, is your animal lover. This time I’m not being sarcastic. She sees an animal and wants to take it home, much like myself…hence why I’m not allowed to go to Humane Society….ever… She’s honestly been there for me through thick and thin during college and much of our time together after. She’s always been encouraging to me to do what I love, and love what I do. Needless to say, in law, will never come after her name, as I always call her my sister first, then when people question me, I say my brother’s awesome wife!

He sure does look pretty in that Headband!


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