The things that truly make me happy: Part 1: Francie

There are many things and people in my life who truly make me happy…here are just a couple that I recently have had to rely upon to get through some rough weeks.


Our cute Siamese Manx kitten. There are endless opportunities for our precious girl to keep us entertained and cheerful. Our favorite is the classic Francie burnout. You may think…what the heck is a burnout when it involves a cat…well imagine if you will a cat trying to run away super fast, but not moving at first… Yes, a burnout like you’d do in a car, though none of us I’m sure do that!

First Day home, already being tortured with a bath!
I’m a percher…the better to see you

Back when I was still a baby and I loved to snuggle

I love my perch that Nikki and Josh made me…

This is just one of the many ways they let me play with my newest toy
Stop holding me funky or you’re liable to lose that hand

Must eat string!

Almost got it!

Stop buggin’ me I’m tryin’ to blend


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