Cookbook Purchase: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Okay…I’m going to admit it. I bought a new cookbook this weekend. Now not just any cookbook though, one that I’ve heard a lot of mentioning and have really been curious about the contents it held.

That’s right I bought The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond. No, this isn’t her new cookbook, but I will tell you that I was sucked in from just turning to the first page. I actually sat down and read her entire cookbook Saturday, much to the chagrin of my honey. Poor guy doesn’t get much time with me and suddenly I discover a new shiny and he waits until I focus on the world again. 

Anyway, honey I love you and you’re a sweetheart. 

Back to the cookbook. I actually sat down at read it. I know you’re thinking it’s a cookbook, you can’t really read a cookbook, but this one you have to! You actually end up wanting to read sections from the book and learn more about Pioneer Woman and her romance between her hubby Marlboro man. It’s a really sweet story and she gives tons of visuals. If ever I felt like I couldn’t cook something I would definitely feel much better having viewed her pictures and step by step processes.

I mean honestly she made something with prunes look like the most amazing dessert I’d ever seen. I’m not kidding, I wanted to eat the picture. It looked that good!

Anywho. Huge plug for her book, obviously I don’t know Ree Drummond on a personal level nor do I get anything from referrals for her cookbook, I just really enjoyed it and wanted everyone to know. 


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