Great things are coming

My research into other food blogs and recipes that I find interesting has lead to an addiction of sorts. I cannot get enough of blogs by other people fascinated by flavor combinations and food like me! I keep finding more and more recipes that call for me to at least attempt to make them once. Since my last post I’ve found about 10+ blogs that I have begun following and am attempting to get caught up on. I’ve found 100+ recipes at least that I want to try and that’s not having read each individuals blog yet fully!

This is the most excited about cooking and food that I’ve been in a very long time. My first several recipes I’m going to attempt to attempt this weekend are Reese’s Stuffed Oreo’s, Baked Apple Fritter Muffins, Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls, Jalapeno Popper Dip Recipe, Fruity Pebbles Macaroons (Pink Velvet Fruity Pebble Whoopie Pie), and Cinnamon Pumpkin Donut Muffins.

I will be honest a majority of the goodies that aren’t eaten at the Super Bowl gathering we’re having this weekend will be brought in to my employees…at which point they will accuse me of trying to make them fat, but I have a feeling with all of these fantastic recipes that I’ve found they will end up thanking me and begging me for more!

Well, at least that’s the goal…

For the idea of creating an additional blog out there for myself for just food adventures I take…I’m still lost as to what to call it. I’ve thought about the sweet chef, but after doing a blog search I found a blog with that title. ~Insert classic buzzer sound here~ I had also thought of the budding chef, no current blogs use this, however this is a cooking school apparently. Then I thought, well heck…I could call it The Chronicles of My Life in Food. That one I kind of like, but I’m not sure that it’s really worth of that verbage just to say what one already knows…it’s a blog, DUH! Of course it’s chronicling your life…I’m probably making this too difficult for what it is…

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